Recent exhibitions include the hand built clay work used for my Master’s degree.


  • New thrown porcelain work illustrating pain responses at Marches Makers Gallery in Kington July/August 2022
  • Altered thrown pots illustrating riverbed distress at Canwood Gallery August – September 11 2022 as part of River Action UK, raising the profiles of our rivers.
  • As part of H.Art 2022 I exhibited new ash glaze work at CUP Ceramics in Foley Trading estate September 3-11 2022
  • For H.Art 2023 I am exhibiting with two potter friends at venue 8 (St Martins Street, Hereford) The work includes porcelain with celadon glazes, gas-fired; soda and wood-ash fired pieces fired at Wobbage Workshops with Jem Steward. Stoneware and earthenware fired in a gas kiln at Upper Newton Farm.

My Masters Project

Clay pieces made during my Masters Project
Clay pieces made for my Masters Project

My study explored the experience of chronic pain through the craft mediums of clay and felted wool. It focused upon a personal pain narrative which incorporated a journey of rehabilitation through engagement with craft processes.

It examined how a visual and tactile language can support a verbal vocabulary which struggles to articulate pain scales. It ‘tested’ this language by providing community workshops which allowed participants to express and model their pain. It analysed how other artists explore the experience and discourse of chronic pain through their artwork thus informing my own.

The study culminated in the production of a series of clay and felt artworks that express and raise awareness of chronic pain within an exhibition context. This produced creative material-led explorations which make visible the invisibility of the lived experience of pain.